1Heart Retreat

  • Sep – Oct 2020

  • 11 AM

  • +420 123 456 789

When they first met, they had no idea that fate would bring them back together. She was studying at the time, he was married.

A few years later, they met again – as colleagues. The initial sympathy grew into a great friendship, a friendship into an unexpectedly strong love.

He brings peace and foresight to the relationship, she brings honesty and boundless trust.

Our journeys to various retreats all over the world have inspired us to create unique experiences where our guests can expand, evolve, and, reconnect with their pure self.

We invite inspirational teachers to our ambient space to lead us to transcendence through various media: yoga, pole dance, art, lecture, and more.

Creators of all types will gather here with us to explore and expand the limits of their conscious experience (see our Retreat To Transcendence page to learn about an extra special local event).

We also host weddings and offer off-site retreats.