Our story

Welcome to our’s Art Villas. This is your soul’s place.

Ten years ago, I received a diagnosis that changed my life and presented us with a choice.

We could accept that we’d never have children and continue on with our lives, or we could embrace the news as a sign that something else was possible. We chose option B.

But the question hovered–should we wait or create? Those questions, ideas, and possibilities that had silently occupied the small spaces of our lives suddenly rushed forth into the light

We envisioned a home nestled in nature, spacious and unbound by convention.

During my visit to Costa Rica on a backpacking journey 20 years ago, I was enchanted by its nature, ocean, mountains, jungle, beautiful people, spirituality, democracy, economy, safety, weather.

This small, beautiful country had it all. This “Switzerland of Central America” became our first–and only–choice.

  • Finding land was
    our first task.


    Later, we’d make the money required to build the house we wanted. My business was thriving, so Petra, my wife, and our architect embarked in a journey to find “the spot”.

    After two intense weeks searching the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Petra found it. Spending all the money we had, we bought our own little corner of the world a month later.

  • Two.

    Meanwhile, I faced my health news with courage and underwent surgery. Shortly after, our children, Mia and Sam, blessed the world. Life was unfolding.

    I co-owned and managed the successful company Eyelevel with my partner, Tomas Baca, and after 10 years, we received an offer to sell. A year later, Petra and I were free to begin and finance construction

  • Three.

    With the innovative expertise of one local and three European architects, we designed and constructed three villas, each one distinct and infused with vibrant energy.

    Advanced technologies, international imports, and bespoke interior production formed a mechanism of lifestyle accommodation that is simply outstanding.

    That Art Villas had become our new home seemed surreal.

We make our villas available for booking through Airbnb to reflect the very personal experience they deliver & because we enjoy meeting interesting people like you from all over the world.

We also created a uniquely designed multifunctional space to invite and host small–group retreats of up to 24 people, and weddings.