Eating is one of the many sensory pleasures we enjoy throughout our lives from the time we’re born.

Art Villas beckons curious taste buds with locally-inspired international cuisine that indulges you in an blissful interaction with color, texture, and flavor. But there’s more to eating than pure sensory experience.

Where food grows, how it’s selected, prepared, designed, cooked, and served is a matter of conscious connection to nature and whole body nourishment.

We work with private chefs using a farm-to-table culinary approach to serve you with nutritious, delicious meals.

Our chefs prepare a selection of sustainably-sourced food acquired fresh each day from local markets. Your breakfast arrives every morning as part of your stay. We also offer the option to buy and cook your own food to your desires, paired with some local tips.

If you select to indulge in first-class cuisine from the comfort of your villa, our chefs will prepare a meal conscious of your dietary preferences (vegetarian, vegan, raw, etc.).

You may choose to visit a local farm in our neighbourhood to learn about how medicinal plants, tropical fruits, and spices are cultivated & harvested.

Select some for yourself and join our open-fire cooking class.

Our private chef, Royner, from The Private Chef Dining Experience joins us at Art Villas with his culinary genius and creativity.”

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